43.4 Re-creating a User/Resource Database

The Re-create User Database option of Mailbox/Library Maintenance rebuilds a user or resource database (userxxx.db) and recovers any information it can. Some information is lost, such as the folder assignments.

You should never need to select this option for regular database maintenance. It is designed for severe problems, such as replacing a user database that has been accidentally deleted and for which you have no backup copy. A substantial amount of information is lost in the re-creation process. For a list of the data, see User Databases.

Because folder assignments are lost, all items are placed into the Cabinet folder. The user must then reorganize all the items in his or her mailbox. Using filters and searching can facilitate this process, but it is not a desirable experience. It is, however, preferable to losing everything.

To re-create a user database:

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, browse to and click the name of the user or resource that need the user database re-created.

  2. Click Maintenance > Mailbox/Library Maintenance.

  3. From the Actions drop-down list, select Recreate User Database.

  4. Using the tabs at the bottom of the Mailbox/Library Maintenance dialog box, set the following options:

    Selected options can be saved for repeated use. See Saving Mailbox/Library Maintenance Options.

  5. Click OK to re-create the user database.

HINT:You can also perform this task for more than one user or resource at a time by using the Maintenance > Mailbox/Library Maintenance dialog box on the Post Office where the users or resources are located, and by then selecting Maintenance on User/Resources on this Post Office.