29.0 Managing Internet Domains, Addressing, and Access

When you created your GroupWise system, you set up the initial Internet domain name. You can establish additional Internet domain names for your GroupWise system as needed. As you manage the Internet domain names for your GroupWise system, you do the following tasks:

  • Define additional Internet domain names for your GroupWise system. You can have one or more domain names (for example, novell.com, gw.novell.com, and support.novell.com).

  • Set up the default Internet address format for use when displaying user addresses in the GroupWise Address Book and in sent messages. There are six formats that can be assigned at the system, domain, post office, or user level. In addition, there is a free-form format that can be used at the user level.

  • Designate the address formats that can be used to address messages to your GroupWise users. There are five possible formats to choose from. You can allow all five formats, or only one.

  • Specify the default GWIA to be used when sending messages from your GroupWise system to the Internet. This becomes your system’s default GWIA for outbound messages sent from all domains; however, if you have multiple GWIAs, you can override this setting by assigning GWIAs at the domain level.

The following sections help you plan and set up Internet addressing: