54.8 Managing User Email Addresses

To ensure that user addresses meet your needs, GroupWise enables you to determine the format and visibility of addresses, as well as create additional names for users.

54.8.1 Ensuring Unique Email Addresses

You can use the same user name for more than one user in your GroupWise system, if each user is in a different Internet domain. Rather than requiring that each user name be unique in your GroupWise system, each combination of user name and Internet domain must be unique. This provides more flexibility for handling the situation where two people have the same name.

When adding or changing users’ email addresses you can check to ensure that the email address you want to use for a particular user is not already in use.

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, click System > Email Address Lookup.

  2. In the Search field, specify the email address.

    You can specify the user name only (for example, jsmith) or the entire address (for example, jsmith@novell.com).

  3. Press Enter.

    All objects whose email address match the one you specified are displayed.

  4. (Optional) Click the object ID to see details about the object.

54.8.2 Publishing Email Addresses to Your LDAP Directory

If you are planning to import users from your LDAP directory into your GroupWise system, you can publish the GroupWise email addresses back to your LDAP directory.

  1. Ensure that LDAP user synchronization is enabled.

    For setup instructions, see Configuring User Synchronization for an LDAP Directory.

  2. In the GroupWise Administration Console, click System > LDAP Servers.

  3. In the list of LDAP servers and directories, click the name of the LDAP directory, and then click the Email Publishing tab.

  4. Select Publish Email Addresses to This Directory, and then select the types and formats of addresses that you want to publish.

    For background information, see Understanding Internet Addressing Formats.

  5. Click OK.

    If your users are associated with User objects in an LDAP directory, and if you changed the preferred address format, you are prompted to update the email addresses for the affected users in the LDAP directory. We recommend that you allow this update. However, performing it for a large segment of your GroupWise system might take a while.

    LDAP user synchronization publishes the email addresses to your LDAP directory when they change in GroupWise.

  6. Click Yes to confirm, and then click Close when the process is completed.

54.8.3 Changing a User’s Internet Addressing Settings

By default, a user inherits the Internet address settings (preferred Internet address format, allowed address formats, and Internet domain name) from the user’s post office, domain, or GroupWise system. If necessary, you can override these settings for a user. For more information, see Overriding Internet Addressing.

54.8.4 Changing a User’s Visibility in the Address Book

A user’s visibility level determines the extent to which the user’s address is visible throughout your GroupWise system. You can make the user visible in the Address Book throughout your entire GroupWise system, you can limit visibility to the user’s domain or post office only, or you can make it so that no users can see the user in the Address Book. For instructions, see Controlling Object Visibility.