88.1 Using the Monitor Agent Console

Initially, the Monitor Agent console lists all monitored GroupWise agents, along with their statuses.

After you create agent groups, the agents in each group are displayed when you select a group. For more information, see Creating and Managing Agent Groups.

You can display many types of monitoring information in the Monitor Agent console.

88.1.1 Viewing All Agents

After you have separated your agents into groups, you can still view all agents in your GroupWise system in a single list.

In the Monitor Agent console, click the root agent group, and then click Show Subgroup Agents.

88.1.2 Viewing Problem Agents

In a single agent group or in a group with subgroups shown, you can filter the list to show only those agents whose status is not Normal.

  1. In the Monitor Agent console, click Problem.

    Only problem agents are now displayed. If you leave the Monitor Agent with only problem agents displayed, many groups might appear empty because all agents have a status of Normal.

  2. Click Monitored.

88.1.3 Viewing an Agent Console

An agent console can be displayed anywhere you have access to a web browser and the Internet.

In the Monitor Agent console, click the domain or post office link in the Name column.

For information about the agent consoles, see the GroupWise agent documentation:

88.1.4 Polling the Agents for Updated Status Information

By default, the Monitor Agent polls the monitored agents every five minutes. You can change the default poll cycle. For instructions, see Configuring Polling of Monitored Agents.

You can also manually poll monitored agents.

In the Monitor Agent console:

  • To poll all agents, select all agents, and then click Poll.

  • To poll a specific agent, select the agent, and then click Poll.

  • To stop polling a specific agent, select the agent, and then click Suspend. You can specify a time interval for the agent to be suspended, after which polling resumes automatically. By suspending polling, you prevent repeat notifications for a problem that is already being addressed.

    The suspended agent’s status is listed as Suspended, accompanied by the same icon used for the Unknown status.

  • To restart regular polling of an agent for which polling was suspended, select the agent, and then click Resume.