70.1 Using GWTuner

The GWTuner utility allows you to customize your GroupWise MSI installation. GWTuner creates an MST transform file named groupwise.mst, which you can use when performing an MSI install with ZENworks or other MSI install software.The GWTuner provides the following options for customizing the installation of the GroupWise client:


You can install the GroupWise client in one or more languages. For a list of available languages, see GroupWise User Languages.

Internet Browser Mail Integration

By default, GroupWise is enabled to be the default email application when you click a mailto link in your web browser or use the Mail command in your web browser.

Program Folder

By default, the Setup program creates a Novell\GroupWise program folder. You can use a different folder as needed.

Add GroupWise to the Desktop

By default, the Setup program creates a GroupWise icon on your Windows desktop.

Add GroupWise to Quick Launch

By default, the Setup program adds a GroupWise icon to the Windows Quick Launch bar

Add Notify to the Startup Folder

By default, the Setup program does not add Notify to the Windows Startup folder. If you want to start Notify automatically, but if you do not want to use the Windows Startup folder, you can click Tools > Options > Environment, and then select Launch Notify at startup in the GroupWise client to have GroupWise automatically start Notify.

Add Icons to the Start Menu

By default, the Setup program adds GroupWise to the Windows Start Menu and includes a list of GroupWise tasks that can be performed directly from the Start Menu.

To create the groupwise.mst file:

  1. On the Windows server, ensure that you have write access to the following folder in the downloaded GroupWise 18 software image:


    NOTE:The GWTuner utility is available in both the Windows and Linux GroupWise 18 software image.

  2. Run the following program:

  3. When prompted for the client directory, browse to the following folder, and then click Next.

  4. In the Install path field, specify where you want to install the GroupWise client software on users’ workstations.

    The typical location varies depending on the architecture of the workstations:

    32-bit architecture:

    C:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise

    64-bit architecture:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\GroupWise

    If all of the workstations in your environment have the same architecture, specify the appropriate location for that architecture. If you have both 32-bit and 64-bit workstations in your environment, you can specify either path in GWTuner. In ZENworks Configuration Management, you will create a separate launch action for each architecture.

  5. Select GroupWise client installation options as needed.

    For information about the GroupWise client installation options, see Using GroupWise Client Custom Installation Options.

  6. Select all the languages that you want to install on users’ workstations, and then click Next.

  7. Select the default GroupWise client startup language, and then click Finish.

  8. Click OK to exit GWTuner.

    The following MST transform file is created in the downloaded GroupWise 18 software image:


For instructions on installing the GroupWise client using ZENworks, see Using ZENworks Configuration Management to Distribute the GroupWise Client.