26.19 ‑‑ip

Binds the MTA to a specific IP address when the server where it runs uses multiple IP addresses. The specified IP address is associated with both ports used by the MTA (message transfer and HTTP) Without the ‑‑ip switch, the MTA binds to all available IP addresses. See Binding the MTA to a Specific IP Address.

Linux MTA

Windows MTA


  • ‑‑ip IP_address
  • ‑‑ip “full_dns_name
  • /ip-IP_address
  • /ip-”full_dns_name


  • ‑‑ip
  • ‑‑ip “mtasvr.provo.novell.com”
  • /ip-
  • /ip-”mtasvr.provo.novell.com”