2.6 Using Proxy

New in 18.3

Proxy lets you view an manage other mailboxes whose users have given you access. GW Web lets you manage proxy access to your mailbox, add new users to your proxy list, and view proxy mailboxes in another window.

Proxying to Another Mailbox

  • Click in to top right of the menu bar.

  • (Optional) Add the user you want to proxy to if they are not in the list by specifying their name in the Add User field.

  • Select the user whose account you want to proxy into.

Managing User Proxy Access to your Account

  • Click in the top right of the menu bar.

  • Select Manage Proxy Access.

  • Enter a user’s name and give them the rights you want them to have in your mailbox


    Click on a user’s name to change their proxy rights. You can also delete the user so the don’t have proxy rights to your mailbox.