13.4 Finding Frequently Used Objects Quickly

When you are not quite sure what you are looking for, the object lists available from the Administration panel can help you find it. After you have gone to the same object many times, there are faster ways to display the object that you want.

Global Search

As you start typing in the Global Search field, the Admin console starts building a list of objects that match. When you see what you want, click the object in order to go to its property page.


Every object that you go to is added to your Recent list, with the most recent object at the top of the list. This makes it very easy to return to any object that you have worked with recently.


Any object you go to can be added to your Favorites list. Click Favorites icon (deselected) in the upper-right corner of any object property page to add it to your Favorites list. Favorite objects are alphabetized in the list so that your Favorites list has a predicable order.

A Favorites icon (selected) on an object property page shows that it is on your Favorites list. Click Favorites icon (selected) to remove that object from your Favorites list.