8.4 Planning Users

When you create a new GroupWise system, you can manually add a few users in order to test your new system. When you see that everything is working smoothly, you can add all of the users to your GroupWise system.

For a simple, single-server GroupWise system, you might want to add the users to the internal GroupWise directory. For a larger number of users, you can import them from an LDAP directory such as NetIQ eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory.

8.4.1 Manually Created Users

You manually create GroupWise users in the Admin console. You can manually create users specifically for testing a new GroupWise system, or you can initially create users in the internal GroupWise directory and then later associate them with users in an LDAP directory.


Under Users, list any users that you want to create for testing purposes in your new GroupWise system.

8.4.2 Imported Users

In order to import users from an LDAP directory into GroupWise, you need to gather the following information about the LDAP directory so that GroupWise agents can access it:

  • Type: NetIQ eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Address: The IP address or DNS hostname of the LDAP server.

  • Port: 636 if the LDAP server requires TLS; 389 if TLS is not required.

  • TLS Certificate: The location of the LDAP root certificate file on the LDAP server.

  • LDAP User: The user name for accessing the LDAP directory.

    The user must have sufficient rights to read the LDAP User and Group objects that you plan to import. Specify the information in the format used by the LDAP server. For example:

  • Password: The password for the LDAP user.

  • Base DN: (Optional) The LDAP context under which User and Group objects are located.

You must also establish a name for the LDAP directory to be known in your GroupWise system. The name should be clear and easy to remember, especially if you plan to have multiple GroupWise administrators.


Under LDAP Directory Information, specify the name for the LDAP directory and list the required information for connecting to the LDAP server.