15.0 What’s Next

After you have created your GroupWise system, you can expand the system in the following ways:


Section in This Guide

Setting up GroupWise WebAccess so that users can access their mailboxes through a web browser on a computer or mobile device

See Setting Up GroupWise WebAccess (Legacy).

Setting up a GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host so that GroupWise users can share their personal calendars and free/busy information with Internet users

See Setting Up the GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host.

Setting up GroupWise Monitor to monitor your GroupWise agents

See Setting Up GroupWise Monitor.

Setting up users to run the GroupWise client on their workstations

See Installing the GroupWise Client.

Setting up synchronization between users’ GroupWise mailboxes and their mobile devices

See Using the GroupWise Mobility Service to Synchronize GroupWise Data to Mobile Devices.

Setting up instant messaging capabilities for users

See Using GroupWise Messenger to Provide Secure Instant Messaging for GroupWise Users.

Setting up team collaboration capabilities

See Using Micro Focus Vibe to Provide Team Workspaces for GroupWise Users.

After your GroupWise system is fully installed, you can maintain your GroupWise system in the following ways:


Section in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide

Adding multiple domains to your GroupWise system

See Domains.

Adding post offices to new domains

See Post Offices.

Adding more users to post offices

See Users.

Defining resources that users can schedule

See Resources.

Defining groups of users that GroupWise users can select when addressing messages

See Groups.

Changing the GroupWise client from Online mode to Caching mode so that users’ messages are stored on a local drive as well as in the post office

See Client.

Setting up GroupWise Remote so that GroupWise client users can access their mailboxes from a computer that is not directly connected to your network

See Client.

Controlling the functionality of users’ GroupWise client software

See Client.

Setting up a library

See Libraries and Documents.

Configuring the agents to support secure connections (TLS)

See Post Office Agent, Message Transfer Agent, Internet Agent, and Document Viewer Agent.

Configuring GroupWise to run in a clustering environment

See the Setting up a GroupWise Cluster in the GroupWise 18 Interoperability Guide.