24.0 Understanding the Upgrade Process

You can upgrade a GroupWise 8, GroupWise 2012, or GroupWise 2014 system to GroupWise 18.

IMPORTANT:If you need to upgrade from an older GroupWise version, you must upgrade at least to GroupWise 8, and preferably to GroupWise 2012, in order to ensure that your GroupWise data is compatible with the upgrade process that is provided in GroupWise 18.

If your GroupWise system is still on NetWare, see Migrating Away from NetWare in the GroupWise 2012 Installation Guide.

IMPORTANT:After you understand the upgrade process in general, you are ready to upgrade specific components of your existing GroupWise system. Do not start upgrading your GroupWise system until you have a solid understanding of the entire process.

For a large GroupWise system, you might need to maintain a mixed-version environment as you roll out GroupWise 18. For a table showing which GroupWise 8 and GroupWise 2012 components can be used with GroupWise 18, see Section A.0, GroupWise Version Compatibility.