16.2 Planning Your GroupWise Web Install

When planning your GroupWise Web installation, you need to know the following information:

  • Information about your GroupWise system (GroupWise Admin Service username, password, and port).

  • The IP Address or DNS name of your GroupWise Primary Domain.

  • The IP Address or DNS name of a GroupWise POA with SOAP enabled.

  • The location of the web.conf file that contains the POA and DVA configuration of your GroupWise system. This is obtained by running the web-config utility. Directions for running this are found in Downloading and Running the web-config Utility.

  • DNS name of your Docker server.

  • IP Address of your DNS server.

  • (Optional) Server certificate and key file for your GroupWise Web server. See Securing GroupWise Web using a Commercial Certificate for more information.

  • New in 18.4 - Certificate Verification POA and DVA selection. See Securing GroupWise Web using Certificate Verification for more information about Certificate Verification.

Write all of this information down on the GroupWise Web Worksheet.