7.4 Releasing a New Device from the Quarantine

After you enable the device quarantine, new mobile devices cannot connect to your Mobility system until you release them from the quarantine. For background information, see Quarantining New Devices to Prevent Immediate Connection. You can configure the Mobility Service to notify you when users connect new devices. For instructions, see Enabling System and Service Notifications.

IMPORTANT:After you enable the quarantine, you must manually release quarantined devices in a timely manner.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users.

  2. Click the user name of the device owner to display the User/Device Actions page.

    The user’s state displays as Synced because data has synchronized from the user’s GroupWise mailbox to the Device Sync Agent, but the data has not yet synchronized to the user’s mobile device.

  3. In the Actions column in the Devices section, click Allow Device Allow Device icon to free the device from the quarantine, and thereby allow the new device to connect to your Mobility system and receive the GroupWise mailbox data.

    You are prompted to confirm the action.

  4. Click Allow Device.

  5. Click OK to acknowledge completion of the action.

    GroupWise data begins synchronizing to the user’s device.