4.10 Changing the Address Book User

The Device Sync Agent accesses the GroupWise Address Book to obtain contact information for synchronization to mobile devices. The Device Sync Agent can obtain the information it needs by logging in as any valid GroupWise user. An initial Address Book user was specified during installation. You might want to change to a different user for whom either more or fewer contacts are visible in the GroupWise Address Book.

NOTE:The Device Sync Agent uses this user name only to access and search the GroupWise Address Book. It does not use this user name to access any personal aspects of the specified user’s mailbox.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Config, then click Device to display the Device Sync Agent Configuration page.

  2. In the Address Book User field, specify the GroupWise user name of the user whose view of the GroupWise Address Book best meets the needs of your mobile device users.

  3. Click Save to save the new setting(s).

  4. Restart the Mobility Service:

    gms restart