1.1 Mobility Server Configuration

The Mobility server must be able to communicate with other servers in your network and with mobile devices outside your firewall.

Mobility System Configuration


Required Configuration

Sync Agents

The Mobility server has one instance of each sync agent. The GroupWise Sync Agent communicates with the GroupWise POA to obtain items from users’ mailboxes. The Device Sync Agent transfers GroupWise mailbox items to and from users’ mobile devices.

Mobility Admin Console

The web-based Mobility Admin console communicates with the Mobility Service to enable you to configure the sync agents and monitor your Mobility system.

User Source

You add users to your Mobility system from a GroupWise system. You access the Mobility Admin console as the root user of the server where the Mobility Service is installed.

GroupWise POA

The Mobility Service must be able to communicate with one GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA) during installation. That POA, as well as additional POAs where mobile device users’ mailboxes are located, must be configured to support Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) communication.

The initial POA uses the native GroupWise redirection process to inform the GroupWise Sync Agent how to communicate with the additional POAs throughout your GroupWise system. Thereafter, the GroupWise Sync Agent communicates directly with each POA where mobile device users’ mailboxes are located.

IMPORTANT:A Mobility server can be configured to communicate with one GroupWise system. If you have multiple GroupWise systems, you must set up a Mobility server for each GroupWise system.