4.3 Upgrading GroupWise Mobility Service

4.3.1 Upgrading Mobility 18.x

Follow the steps below to upgrade Mobility 18.x to newer version of 18.x:

  • Download the ISO for the new version of Mobility 18.x from your Micro Focus Customer Center.

  • In a terminal, mount the GroupWise Mobility ISO using the following command:

    mount -o loop <path to the Mobility ISO> /mnt
  • Browse to /mnt and run the install.sh.

  • Follow the prompts to upgrade Mobility.

4.3.2 Upgrading Mobility 2.x/14.x to 18.x

The upgrade path from Mobility 2.x/14.x to 18.x is to create a new Mobility server and install Mobility 18.x on that server. Make sure you review the GroupWise Mobility Service System Requirements before following the GroupWise Mobility Service Installation steps. Keep in mind the following when installing your new Mobility system:

  • When configuring your new system, use the same settings you had in your old Mobility system.

  • Change your DNS record to point from the old Mobility server to the new Mobility server so users do not have to make changes on their devices.