4.5 Changing the User Source for Your Mobility System (Optional)

For background information about the user source alternatives, see Selecting the User Source for Your Mobility System. For usage instructions, see Changing between LDAP and GroupWise as the User Source in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

The Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack created a Synchronizer system based on LDAP as the user source for user provisioning and, optionally, for device authentication. In Synchronizer Web Admin, the Authentication Type setting on the Mobility Connector Settings page set the device authentication method for your Synchronizer system. This setting automatically transferred to the Authentication setting on the User Source page in the Mobility Admin console.

IMPORTANT:If you are comfortable with the configuration that you used for your Synchronizer system, there is no need to change it for your Mobility system.

If you want to start using GroupWise as the user source for provisioning, new mobile device users are added to your Mobility system based on their GroupWise location (user_name.post_office_domain). Existing mobile device users are still associated with their LDAP context (cn=user_name,ou=organizational_unit,org=organization). On the Users page, you can determine the source of each user by mousing over it.

There is no direct way to change an existing user from being associated with LDAP to being associated with GroupWise. If it is important for you to do this, you must delete the user as an LDAP user, and then add the user as a GroupWise user. After this occurs, the best practice for data integrity is to have the mobile device user delete and re-add the email account on the device.

There is also no direct way to change from using an LDAP group to using a GroupWise group (distribution list in older GroupWise systems). As with individual users, you must delete the LDAP group from your Mobility system (which deletes all the LDAP users in the LDAP group), and then add the GroupWise group (which adds all the users based on the GroupWise group). Again, the affected users should delete and re-add their email accounts on their devices.

You might want to accomplish this transition over time, a few users at a time. If you want to accomplish the transition all at once, you can create a new Mobility system, based entirely on GroupWise provisioning and authentication, and then switch from the old system to the new system, perhaps over night, without notifying your mobile device users. Most users will likely not notice the change. You can then have those users that contact you about data integrity issues delete and re-add their email accounts in order to resynchronize the GroupWise data.