2.6 Web Services

GroupWise Web Services provides developers with server-side access to user mailboxes. This programmatic access allows you to read and write directly to users’ mailboxes by using industry standards such as XML, SOAP, and HTTP. GroupWise Web Services communicates directly with a user’s post office agent (POA), and GroupWise schemas define the methods and structures that are used in the conversation with the GroupWise POA.

In addition to GroupWise Web Services, GroupWise gives you access to events or actions that occur on a GroupWise user's mailbox. This extension to GroupWise Web Services is called GroupWise Events. GroupWise Events is a Web service that allows you to programmatically configure and retrieve specific GroupWise events that have occurred on a user's mailbox.

See the GroupWise SDK: Web Services (SOAP) and the GroupWise SDK: Web Services Events guides.