1.3 Directory Replication and Synchronization

Administrator data is stored in the GroupWise primary domain’s directory database and is propagated to the system’s other domain and post office databases. User information is pulled from Micro Focus eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory and stored in the domain and post office databases.

A GroupWise domain can be a primary, secondary, external, or foreign domain. The domain's type determines how it participates in the replication of directory data. The domain types are described below.

Domain Type



There is only one primary domain in a GroupWise system. All directory updates must pass through this domain. Every change is sent to the primary domain from the originating domain. The primary domain then propagates the change to the rest of the system.


A secondary domain participates fully in the replication of administrator data, but all changes made at the secondary domain are sent to the primary domain for propagation.


An external domain is considered a separate GroupWise system, and by default, receives no Administration data but can be configured to participate in a system’s directory synchronization. The GroupWise administrator specifies which objects to replicate from the external domain, and the administrator of the external domain specifies which objects can be replicated.


A foreign domain is an external system that is not GroupWise. GroupWise does not replicate foreign domains because directory format is unknown. Many foreign domains can participate in directory information exchange through a gateway to GroupWise. Foreign domains are provided so addresses from outside systems can be published in the GroupWise Address Book.