1.2 Overview

The GroupWise Web Services object model and methods are defined in the XML schemas. Currently, the GroupWise schemas include:

  • types.xsd, which defines GroupWise Web Services.

  • methods.xsd, which defines GroupWise Web Services.

  • events.xsd, which defines GroupWise Events and which references types.xsd.

The GroupWise WSDL and schemas are available in the GroupWise Web Services SDK.

We provide you with the schemas and WSDL files. You then decide the specific development framework you want to use to build GroupWise applications. Each development framework compiles its own library with the GroupWise schemas and WSDL. Different frameworks have different levels of support for Web Services. This means that each generated library could have a different set of bugs.

We tested the SOAP libraries with Java up to and including version 7, and with Microsoft .NET up to and including version 4.5.