1.14 Redirection

Redirection is used to discover a user's post office address and port. If you try to log in as a user to a wrong POA, a redirectToHost element is returned in the loginResponse. The redirectToHost element provides the IP address or DNS name and port of the POA of the user. Your application can retry the loginRequest to the new IP address and port. It can also cache the correct IP address and port so that a redirection is not required in the future.

For redirection to work correctly, the SOAP port needs to be configured in ConsoleOne for each POA. ConsoleOne writes the SOAP port settings to the GroupWise databases. On a redirection attempt, other POAs can successfully read the settings from the databases. If a POA is configured in a configuration file or on the command line, other POAs cannot access configuration files or command line settings. The correct settings must be in the GroupWise databases.

In the following loginRequest example, user po2u1 logged into the wrong POA. The loginResponse returned the correct IP address and port of the user. It also returned error 59923 with a description stating a redirection is required.

   <types:auth types:PlainText> 
      <description>Redirect user to different PO.</description>