Forwards an existing item to other users.


   <id type="types:uid"/>
   <view type="string"/>
   <embed type="boolean"/>


   <item type="types:Item"/>
   <status type="types:Status"/>



Specifies the ID of the item you want to forward.


Specifies if you want the original message body returned in the forward method. If you do, supply “message” or “message/RTF” in the view.


Specifies if the original item is to be sent as an attachment in the new mail item. If you do, pass True in the embed element in the forwardRequest. Otherwise, pass False.

If you set embed to true, you need to make sure the view on forwardRequest does not contain the "attachments" keyword. The forwardResponse will then send down an attachment structure that needs to be added to the new item.


Specifies a returned item that can be modified and passed to the sendRequest method to complete the forwardRequest.


Returns the error number related to the event. 0 indicates that the request was successful.


Returns the success or failure of the method.


Forwarding a message is a two-step process.

The first step is to call forwardRequest with the ID of the item that you want to forward. A new mail item is then returned with the original subject and other fields defined in the view. You can modify this returned item. For example, the caller might want to prepend “Fwd:” to the beginning of the subject. The message body and other fields can also be modified and attachments added. The linkInfo element is returned with this item.

The second step is to call sendRequest with the modified mail item. The linkInfo element needs to be passed unchanged in the sendRequest. The linkInfo element is necessary for the POA to link the original item with the new item using the sendRequest.


<view>subject id message</view> 

<subject>New Appt 1</subject> 
<part contentType="text/plain" length="64">YXNkZgogCiAKVXNlciAxCiAgTm92ZWxsIEluYy4gIAogICA4NjEtMTEzMCAgIAo=</part> 
<id itemReference="1">4018</id>