Returns the current state of the GroupWise Address Book. The deltaInfo structure contains pointers or sequence numbers into a dynamic list of changes in the GroupWise Address Book. An application can update its GroupWise Address Book cache based on the sequence numbers returned in the deltaInfo structure


   <container type="types:uid"/>
   <view type="string"/>


   <deltaInfo type="types:DeltaInfo"/>
   <status type="types:Status"/>



Specifies the uid of the GroupWise GroupWise Address Book. This is the only valid uid at this time.


Specifies the current state of the GroupWise Address Book.

deltaInfo count

In the request, specifies what items to return. -1 returns all the items in the list. If omitted, all the items are returned. In the response, specifies the actual number of items that were returned.

deltaInfo firstSequence

In the request, specifies the sequence or position to start the read. In the response, specifies the first valid sequent in the list.

deltaInfo lastSequence

In the request, not used. In the response, specifies the last sequence number that was successfully read.

deltaInfo lastTimePORebuild

Specifies the last time the administrator rebuilt the post office. A post office rebuild resets all the sequence numbers. If a rebuild occurs, a synchronization is required before new deltas can be applied to a local list.


Returns the error number related to the event. 0 indicates that the request was successful.


Returns the success or failure of the method.


The deltaInfo element has the following elements: count, firstSequence, lastSequence, and lastTimePORebuild. Each element can be used in the request and in the response from the POA.