Returns the list of users that have proxy rights to the current account.




   <proxies type="types:ProxyList"/>
   <status type="types:Status"/>



Specifies the list of users that can proxy this account.


Returns the error number related to the event. 0 indicates that the request was successful.


Returns the success or failure of the method.


The proxy list is managed by the user. A user's proxy list is not automatically updated when a user gives or removes access to another user. A user is only added to the proxy list after a successful proxy. For example, when userA successfully proxies into userB’s account, userB is added to the proxy list for userA. The proxy list is really a history of user accounts that have successfully been proxied.

A user is removed from the proxy list only if they are specifically deleted. For example, if userC gives proxy rights to userA, userC is not returned in getProxyListResponse until userA has successfully proxied into userC’s account. If userC is already in the proxy list for userA and userC removes the rights for userA, userA still sees userC in his or her proxy list. If userA tries to proxy userC, access is denied. UserA still needs to delete userC from the proxy list.