Contains pointers or sequence numbers into a dynamic list of GroupWise Address Book changes. A GroupWise administrator can add, delete, and modify existing users, groups, or resources in the GroupWise Address Book. As these GroupWise Address Book values change, the deltaInfo structure grows.


<count type="unsignedInt"/>
<firstSequence type="unsignedInt"/>
<lastSequence type="unsignedInt"/>
<lastTimePORebuild type="unsignedInt"/>



Inputs the desired number of items to be returned in one read. 1 indicates to return all the items in the list. Outputs the actual number of items returned.


Inputs the sequence or position to start the read. Outputs the first valid sequence in the returned list.


Outputs the last sequence number that was successfully read.


Specifies the last time an administrator rebuilt the post office. A post office rebuild resets all the sequence numbers. If a rebuild occurs, a resynchronization is required before new deltas can be applied to a local list.


Specifies an enumeration of change types to the GroupWise Address Book:

<enumeration value="add"/>
<enumeration value="delete"/>
<enumeration value="update"/>