Is an abstraction layer that is used to contain information that is common to all items that can be in a GroupWise mailbox (not address books or address book items).


<extension base="ContainerItem">
<status type="ItemStatus"/>
<thread type="string"/>
<msgId type="string"/>
<messageId type="string"/>
<clientMessageId type="string"/>
<source type="ItemSource"/>
<returnSentItemsId type="boolean"/>
<delivered type="dateTime"/>
<class type="ItemClass"/>
<security type="ItemSecurity"/>
<comment type="string"/>



Specifies the status of the item: opened, accepted, etc.


Specifies the threading of an item.


Specifies a shared item in the GroupWise databases. If a message is sent to three people, all three messages have the same msgid.


Specifies the ID that was returned when this item was retrieved with the IMAP protocol. The messageId is similar to msgid above except that the format is different. messageId can help applications match up items retrieved with the IMAP and SOAP protocols.


This is the same id that you will see when you open an item in the GroupWise Window client. Select Properties and find the Message Id.


Specifies the source of the item: received, sent from you, a draft item, or a personal item.


Returns the sent item’s ID. This is the ID of the item that is created in the sent items (or the outbox, itemSource=sent) folder. The returnSentItemsId is the first ID returned in the list.


Specifies when the item was delivered to the mailbox.


Specifies the iCalendar (RFC2445) CLASS.


Specifies the privacy level that the sender wants applied to the item. For example, ForYourEyesOnly is a security option.

The security of an item is not enforced by GroupWise. The sender of the item provides the security level they want applied to the item. It is up to the recipients to abide by the sender’s request.


Specifies the comment on a item.