Specifies attachment flags. The flags work only of you get the entire attachment. This means you need to specify an offset of 0 and a length of -1 in the getAttachmentRequest. GroupWise clients will create the hash on new items. If a hash has already been created, it will be returned in the attachments object. To compute the hash yourself, see In Lookup3.c, hashlittle2() is called with a block size of 4096. The hash is 64-bits. The hash string is a 16 byte hex string.


  <enumeration value="ComputeHash"/>
  <enumeration value="Deflate"/>
  <enumeration value="ReturnData"/>
  <enumeration value="ReturnPath"/>
  <enumeration value="Mime"/>



Specify the ComputerHash flag to create a hash value for an attachment.


Reserved. Not implemented.


Specify the ReturnDate flag if you want the attachment data returned.


Specify the ReturnPath flag if you want the full path to the attachment data blob returned. This is used to find the path to the data blob, usually to restore the data blob back. If this flag is specified, the other flags are ignored.

--For GroupWise 8.0 SP1 and later.