1.20 Item Modification

Received and sent items are for the most part read-only. There are a few fields that you can make some personalization to the original item. You can change the following fields:

  • Subject

  • Categories

  • xField

  • Personal attachment

  • Contact

  • Alarm (Appointment items)

  • acceptLevel (Appointment items)

  • ChecklistInfo

  • Custom fields

Sent appointments and received appointment (where you are the sender) have other fields that can be changed. If you modify the start time, end time or place of one of these appointments, the POA does extra logic. It retracts the original appointment and send out a new appointment with the updated times or place.

It is also possible to change the recipients. This applies if you are just adding or removing recipients (not changing the time or place of the appointment). In this case, you supply a new Distribution element in the <add> element of the ItemChanges for the modifyItemRequest. You add the recipients you want in the final appointment. If there are recipients in the original appointment that are not in the updated appointment, the appointment is retracted from those users. If there are new recipients in the updated appointment, the appointment is sent to those users. If there are recipients in the old appointment and new appointment, the appointment is not sent to them. You also have to supply the updated to, cc and / or bc elements in the Distribution element.

The modifying of sent and received appointments was added in GroupWise 8.0 SP2.

In GroupWise 2012, you can also use the resendRequest. This is the same concept as in the GroupWise client. You can make extensive changes and then send the new item using sendItemRequest. You need to manually retract the original item using the retractRequest.

1.20.1 Example

    <add type="Appointment">
        <to>Preston Stepehnson; Jay Parker</to>
          <recipient type="Recipient">
            <displayName>Preston Stephenson</displayName>
          <recipient type="Recipient">
            <displayName>Jay Parker</displayName>