2.5 Optimizing Messaging Agent Performance

You can adjust how the Messaging Agent functions to optimize its performance. Before attempting optimization, you should run the Messaging Agent long enough to observe its efficiency and its impact on other network applications running on the same server. See Monitoring the Messaging Agent.

Also, remember that optimizing your network hardware and operating system can make a difference in Messaging Agent performance.

  • In the GroupWise Admin console, navigate to Messenger > MessengerService > Objects > Messaging Agents. Then, select the Messaging Agent > Agent Settings.

  • Use the settings in the Performance Preferences to specify how the Messaging Agent communicates with the Messenger users.

  • Save your settings, and then stop and start the Messaging Agent to put the settings into effect.

Corresponding Startup Switches: You can also use the /maxconn and /threads startup switches in the Messaging Agent startup file to configure Messaging Agent performance.