3.2 Providing User Searches Based on Email Addresses

By default, Messenger users can search for other users to add to their contact lists in the Messenger client by first name, by last name, by first and last name, and by LDAP user ID. You can add the capability of searching on email addresses by setting up Messenger addresses that are equivalent to users' existing email addresses. To set up Messenger addresses, you must add one or more hostnames to your Messenger system.

3.2.1 Establishing a Hostname for Your Messenger System

If all of your Messenger users have email addresses that are part of the same Internet domain (for example, Corporate.com), you can set up your Messenger system to recognize that Internet domain name as a Messenger address. This enables users to locate contacts by searching for their email addresses (for example, JSmith@Corporate.com).

  • In the GroupWise Admin console, navigate to Messenger > MessengerService > Hosts, and select New.

  • Specify a descriptive name for the new Host.

    For simplicity, you might want to name the new host profile after the Internet domain name it represents. For example, if users receive email at username@Corporate.com, then you could use Corporate as the name of the host profile.

  • In the Host Name field, specify the Internet domain name that appears in users' email addresses (for example, Corporate.com).

  • Click Ok to save the Host. Select the Host and select Enabled, and then save.

  • Go to Messenger Settings tab > Host Settings.

  • Add the new host that you created previously.

  • Click Save.

  • Restart the Messaging Agent to put the new hostname into effect.

Messenger users can now specify email addresses as well as user IDs in the Messenger client Use This User ID field.

If archiving is enabled, authorized Messenger users can search the Messenger archive for users' conversations by specifying their email addresses. Conversations archived before the hostname was established are not searchable by email address.

NOTE:If your organization is large, it might be divided into units. For example, Corporate.com might include Development.Corporate.com, Sales.Corporate.com, and so forth. By setting up multiple hostnames, you enable Messenger users to search for contacts within subsets of your organization.