GroupWise 2012 SP2 Bug Fix List


771479    Creating a trusted app key outside of ConsoleOne no longer works
782826    Wrong HELP window in MTA properties

Calendar Publisher

760349    Timestamp in the caption bar does not update in IE browser

Windows Client

761319    Extended characters display as garbage in exported vcard
764463    Client hangs when replacing more than one contact in address book by dragging and dropping VCards
766616    Addressbook crash when moving items around
770117    Addressbook does not delete a contact when it is opened
801563    Large addressbook displays very slowly
738170    Recurring notes resend notifications for all if only one is changed
766046    Alarm is not set by default after editing the appointment
766197    Sender of a delegated appointment should see information in the message body
773725    VCS appointments not fully importing into GW calendar
747730    Error D039 when message file is forwarded from Archive to an Administrator
583236    Forwarding or replying from archive produces D109
761438    Delay forwarding mail with attachments
776414    Client crash during busy search
777570    Crash when creating cache for first time
794165    Email being delivered to wrong address in Windows caching mode
779296    Access to proxy calendar does not allow a user to publish that calendar
762674    Multi-user calendar overrides category colors
769952    FF01 error when switching between multi-user calendars
781198    Main calendar does not display the items in shared subcalendars
777601    ICS file not imported correctly
779354    Crash in tasklist
772283    Can't copy a path from one mail to new mail
765939    Broken umlauts when an item is opened in Vibe from the Find Results window
755110    Sharer and Sharee cannot move folders which are more than 2 levels deep in folder structure
762244    Change upper limit of number of subfolders that can be shared
777496    Crash when selecting a shared folder
256565    Editing bug in HTML control
777200    HTML email loses formatting when forwarded or replied to
725779    Selecting IMAP folder only pulls down contents and not folder hierarchy
778846    Client doesn't auto-refresh new folders in item list.
805897    Install errors are shown when upgrading GW client from 12.0.1 HP1 to 12.0.2
625495    Some image files cannot be viewed properly with GW client
736597    Client crash
766458    Client crashes after reply
777748    Pasting URL into HTML window gives extraneous HTML code
779049    Client freezes when opening big mails
787467    Copy/Paste action adds hyperlinks to the text
810454    All languages - MIME encoding for Western European (ISO 8859-15)� was misinterpreted
620511    Reply-to-all on a stubbed message will include the receiver in the TO field
765367    Can't display embbedded images whose cid contains }
766897    Issues when composing messages with Word as the Editor
774088    Client crashes due to Home Screen panels
774872    Saving message as .eml, there is no way to see the original date and time
772309    Problem with setting up multi-user calendar via Proxy Access
773128    Crash when modifying multi-user calendar
796858    Crash when accessing multi-user calendar
777532    Crash after dragging email from To field to Cc field
805872    Ignore alarm value on any item other than an appointment
764921    Header not printing on specific messages
774176    When clicking on a proxy calendar, no items are being displayed.
799335    Month Calendar view isn't work on proxy mode
777627    Number of characters in QuickCorrect is limited to 80
768404    HTML emails with a background color cause replies to also be filled with that color
769470    Issues resending or editing items from sent items using Microsoft Word as editor
778145    Notification message being received in wrong language
781861    Signature not formatted properly when replying to certain messages
722345    Spell checker does not allow double click to select replacement word
783439    Crash trying to type a task into the tasklist

Document Viewer Agent (DVA)

765404    Viewers leaving some IOC* and SSS* temporary files in /tmp


773764    POA crash
778103    Users have access to shared folders from external entity even after the external entity expires
783018    POA crash
787618    Notifications are sometimes in the langauge of the recipient instead of the sender.
789252    POA crash

GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)

575382    Attachment window does not appear on some external mail
738459    GWIA crash
763476    Title bar is showing special characters
764772    ICAL appointment uses the userid in the email address instead of the preferred internet address
770232    Error 840A when processing inbound message file
771855    GWIA crash
773292    Exchange all-day event item comes into GroupWise as a multi-day appointment
774493    Large socket numbers cause crashes
780564    Problems handling Nicknames for external users
781024    GWIA stops processing and shows a queue count of -1
782806    GWIA stops processing and must be restarted


764978    Unable to clear user quota


763689    External user does not receive the appointment properly when editing the app
765187    Modified Exchange appointments are not retracted
769285    Declined Items should show declined status in properties tab in Exchange

Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

778867    Messages sent to domain names over 60+ characters long cannot be processed


765834    Words with accented characters are not displayed correctly in GW Monitor

Post Office Agent (POA)

731987    Seg Fault - QuickFinder indexing issue
744556    POA crash
754376    Crash when reading/opening mailbox in WebAccess
756671    Crash when GWAVA Retain gets attachments
758063    Crash working with document management
764208    Post office runs the server out of disk space after a message database reaches 2 GB
770248    Crash with SOAP
771494    GroupWise Agents fail on rcgrpwise stop
776405    POA unloading
779349    Crash with SilverDane Stubbing Service trusted app
781013    Fixed crash
792943    grpwise shut down script needs to check to see if the poa is really down
794108    POA crash
795168    POA crash

Protocol - SOAP

744620    Changing one appointment of a recurring appointment from device doesn't change it in GW client
762944    WebAccess - Word "delegated" is displayed as garbage
767550    restoreItemRequest restores emails in the wrong place
772270    GWAVA Retain job fails to complete and errors with d01b
778107    BES getitemResponse error
786031    Ampersand in the view name causes a problem with DataSync
786227    Invalid character x01 is returned in <gwt:contentId>
787641    Need to pass back the email address passed in to the busy search
788176    WebAccess is dropping attachments on send
788587    Busy search results show items with ACCEPT_LEVEL_LOW
791340    Not handling certain characters in Addressbook user-defined fields
791567    Seting a category for an item erases all the items in the folder
791769    When creating an organization, frequent contacts disappear
798779    XML parsing exception getting recipient status
799961    WebAccess proxy error D018, "Required User Database rights not granted"
801083    Phone Message schema problem
804789    Mails sent with attachments using Mobility creates a temporary file in the /tmp folder of the POA

SDK - Object API

773326    Crash using object api to add email addresses to a contact


778126    LDAP provider not reliable
792758    LDAP address book not resolving email addresses
793387    D107 when opening a group from a shared address book
779873    Autosave in appointments is changing the original information
740913    Calendar taking a long time to load
761569    Posted appointment cannot be displayed in day view of calendar
761941    Autosave is not working with recurring appointments
769920    Accepting a shared calendar garbles the extended characters in the calendar name
776190    Windows Client does not show proper Work Schedule after changing WebAccess
791750    Can't open attachments in posted notes.
795823    Can't modify sub-calendar properties
796149    WebAccess doesn't update the work schedule when changing workstation timezone
557755    Resource missing on a reply to all
771180    Cannot send email from WebAccess if the speller is checked in the GroupWise client
778928    Using spell checker makes the Subject field collapse
791545    Format is not saved in "work in progress" folder
791994    Busy Search fails due to a connection failure with the server.
763046    Location data is not displayed on WebAccess
795112    Picture is not displayed for contacts using IE10
769216    Can't search in shared folders with WebAccess
780292    Java error displayed on Advance Find window
799731    Cannot scroll the find results
766851    Junk mail folder should indicate it is empty in WebAccess
768141    WebAccess cannot expand all shared subfolders
783246    Unable to download/save document from cabinet folder
766877    Unable to see status of mails sent to a distribution list
772264    Forward icon doesn't appear next to the item
772495    Accept actions always accept appointments as busy by default
753621    Message window goes behind main mailbox screen (IE only)
770702    Timestamps on message and TEXT.html, do not match Windows Client
770705    WebAccess vs Windows client mail properties inconsistency: Message size differences
775357    Extended characters not shown in some HTML mails
780193    Not able to login to GW webaccess via NAM when GW user's password contains a colon
792740    Users are unable to log into WebAccess
796413    Upgrade does not correctly configure IIS "Handler Mappings" settings
796468    Upgrade does not correctly configure IIS "ISAPI Filters" settings
796469    Upgrade does not correctly configure IIS "ISAPI & CGI Restrictions" settings
797340    Tabs keep highlighted when you put the cursor
809517    Redirection only attempts to connect to first IP address returned by the provider POA
766857    Name completion info box pops up over the name in the To field
793506    WebAccess name completion not working with First/Last format
797332    Error when changing the password
770879    "Missing Session String" message shown when you try to proxy another user.
772289    Certain users get a blank proxy list when going into proxy via WebAccess
763387    WebAccess - .ico file can not be added to signatures
769254    The user's signature does not automatically attach when using the simple interface
759367    WebAccess unable to view document properties
787497    Groupwise Webaccess displays wrong time for messages.

Webaccess Mobile

762629     Can't save date correctly if selecting All Day Event
781174    Sending an email without entering a user will crash the browser
781185    Typing in the message field of a reply email types over characters
781186    Reply cursor placed at end instead of beginning of email
781385    Galaxy: Tab missing attachment button
786223    The compose drop down doesn't show all items
802880    iPad 2: Typing in message body makes the compose dialog bounce up and down
780320    On initial log in, screen is white
780831    Possible to scroll item view off the screen
780346    Login screen populates both username and password field