45.11 ‑‑home

Specifies the domain directory, where the MTA can access the domain database (wpdomain.db). There is no default location. You must use this switch in order to start the MTA

Linux MTA

Windows MTA


  • ‑‑home /dir
  • /home-[drive:]\dir
  • /home-\\svr\sharename\dir


  • ‑‑home /gwsystem/provo2
  • /home-\provo2
  • /home-m:\provo2
  • home-\\server2\c\mail\provo2

If you specify a UNC path with the ‑‑home switch when you run the MTA as a Windows service, you must configure the MTA service to run under a specific Windows user account. If you specify a local directory or a mapped drive, you can configure the MTA service to run under the local system account. However, running under the Administrator account is highly recommended.