71.2 Using the Monitor Web Console

The Monitor Web console lists all GroupWise agents that the Monitor agent is polling for status information. Use the following URL to access the Monitor Web console:


where web_server_address represents the IP address or hostname of the Web server where the Monitor Application is installed.

GroupWise Monitor Web Console

Global features of the Monitor Web console are available on icon buttons at the top of the Monitor page.

Icon Button



Link Trace

Link Configuration

Global Options



Click the Problem icon button to display only agents in your GroupWise system whose status is other than Normal. Click the name of your GroupWise system to display all agents again.

Click the status of an agent in the Status column to display agent status details.

Click an agent in the Name column to open its agent Web console. For information about the agent Web consoles, see Section 71.1.4, Viewing an Agent Web Console.

Click an agent group in the left panel to display all monitored agents in the group. Click the Problem button above the agent list to display only those agents whose status is other than Normal in the agent group. The Problem button then changes to Monitored. Click the Monitored button to include working agents as well as problem agents in the list.

Click Refresh to update the agent status information. To modify the default poll cycle, see Section 69.4, Configuring Polling of Monitored Agents.

To see what specific tasks can be performed at the Monitor Web console, see Section 72.0, Comparing the Monitor Consoles.