3.1 eDirectory View versus GroupWise View

The eDirectory View displays the GroupWise objects in their contexts in the eDirectory tree, as shown in the following example:

eDirectory View

The GroupWise View filters out all non-GroupWise objects and shows how the GroupWise objects relate to each other in the GroupWise system, as shown in the following example.

GroupWise View

In the left pane, all Domain objects are displayed under the GroupWise system, and all Post Office objects are subordinate to the domains where they reside. You can select the GroupWise system, a domain, or a post office in the left pane and then use the drop-down list of GroupWise objects on the toolbar to display associated objects (Users, Resources, Message Transfer Agents, and so on) in the right pane. In the above example, the GroupWise System is selected in the left pane and the GroupWise Object list is set to Users, so the right pane is displaying all users in the entire GroupWise system.