3.4 Searching in the GroupWise View

You can search for a specific entry in a view. The search is performed on the first column. For example, if the Resources view is displayed, you can search for a specific resource based on its object ID. If the Users view (with Last Name Sort selected) is displayed, you can search for a specific user based on the user’s last name.

With the Users view, if you have First Name Sort or Last Name Sort selected, you can search for a complete user name (both first and last name) by using a comma as a delimiter between the names. A space after the comma is optional.

For example, if the Users view displays first names in the first column and last names in the second column, you can type John,Smith to go directly to that user name. If the columns were reversed, you could use Smith,John.

To perform a search:

  1. Change to the view you want to search.

  2. Select the first entry in the view.

  3. Type the text to search for.

    As you type text, a text box appears in the lower right corner of the GroupWise View.

    GroupWise View