38.3 Optimizing Thread Management

The availability of client/server threads affects a GroupWise user’s experience in the GroupWise client. When the POA is working under a heavy load, users can experience degraded performance when sufficient client/server threads are not available. To maintain the best possible performance for GroupWise users, the POA automatically favors client/server processing over message handling. By default, under a heavy load, the POA automatically decreases the number of message handler threads and increases the number of client/server threads to favor client connections while keeping the total number of threads constant. This behavior benefits users because they are more aware of client performance than they are of messages that they have not yet received.

However, one result of this default behavior is that the message queues can back up during times of heavy client activity. If necessary, you can manually adjust the POA’s ratio of client/server threads and message handler threads to help the POA clear out its message queues.

  1. Make sure that the POA Web console is password protected, as described in Section 37.2.1, Setting Up the POA Web Console.

  2. In the POA Web console, click Configuration > Message Worker Threads.

    Message File Processing page
  3. Increase the number in the Worker Yields to C/S Level field to increase the amount of time that the POA waits before reallocating message worker threads as client/server threads.

    Increasing this setting configures the POA to continue processing message queues rather than focusing on client/server processing. Valid values range from 0 (zero) to five. Select 0 to turn off the automatic thread adjustments. The settings of 1 through 5 represent increasing amounts of time, but not a specific number of seconds or minutes.

  4. Click Submit after changing the setting.

    The POA automatically restarts to put the new setting into effect.

  5. Experiment with the setting until you achieve a proper balance between client/server processing and message processing.