73.8 ‑‑httpcertfile

Specifies the full path to the public certificate file used to provide secure SSL communication between the Monitor Agent and the Monitor Web console displayed in your Web browser. See Section 69.8, Configuring Authentication and Intruder Lockout for the Monitor Web Console.


Linux Monitor Agent

Windows Monitor Agent


  • ‑‑httpcertfile /dir/file
  • /httpcertfile-[drive:]\dir\file
  • /httpcertfile-\\svr\sharename\dir\file


  • ‑‑httpcertfile /certs/gw.crt
  • /httpcertfile-\ssl\gw.crt
  • /httpcertfile-m:\ssl\gw.crt
  • /httpcertfile-\\server2\c\ssl\gw.crt

See also ‑‑httpssl.