51.1 --home

Specifies the location for the DVA working directory. The default is gwdva.dir in the DVA installation directory. See Section 48.2.1, Setting the DVA Home Directory.

Linux DVA

Windows DVA


  • ‑‑home /directory
  • /home-[drive:]\dir
  • /home-\\svr\sharename\dir


  • ‑‑home /opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva
  • /home-\Program Files\Novel\GroupWise Server\gwdva
  • /home-m:\temp/gwdva
  • /home-\\server2\c\temp\gwdva

If you specify a UNC path with the ‑‑home switch when you run the DVA as a Windows service, you must configure the DVA service to run under a specific Windows user account. If you specify a local directory or a mapped drive, you can configure the DVA service to run under the local system account. However, running under the Administrator account is highly recommended.