39.3 Enabling the Document Viewer Agent (DVA) for Indexing

By default, the POA uses Oracle Outside In Technology and the Document Converter Agent (DCA) to convert documents into HTML format for indexing. As an alternative to the DCA, which is a process internal to the POA, you can use the independent Document Viewer Agent (DVA) for HTML conversion.

Using the DVA instead of the DCA has the following advantages:

For complete information about the DVA, see Section XI, Document Viewer Agent.

You configure the POA to use the DVA instead of the DCA by using startup switches in the POA startup file. For background information, see Section 40.0, Using POA Startup Switches.

  1. Use the --usedva switch to configure the POA to use the DVA instead of the DCA. If the DVA becomes unavailable, the POA falls back to using the DCA for document conversion.

  2. Use the ‑‑dvanipaddr and ‑‑dvanport switches to identify from one to three DVAs.

    Replace n with 1, 2, or 3. Three DVAs is recommended. Multiple POAs can communicate with the same DVA simultaneously.

  3. (Conditional) If you want to use a secure SSL connection between the POA and the DVA, use the ‑‑dvanssl switch.

    By default, SSL is not used. Set the switch to enable to enable a secure SSL connection. For more information about using SSL with the POA, see Section 36.3.3, Securing the Post Office with SSL Connections to the POA.

  4. After you edit the POA startup file, restart the POA in order to put the changes into effect.