48.3 Enabling the DVA Document Quarantine

You can configure the DVA to quarantine document files that cannot be converted to HTML format for viewing in GroupWise WebAccess, so that they can be examined manually if necessary. You can control the maximum amount of disk space that the document quarantine is allowed to occupy. You can also control the maximum amount of time that document files remain in the quarantine.

  1. Open the gwdva.dva file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the following switch:

  3. Remove the semicolon (;) to activate the setting.

    With the quarantine activated, document files that fail HTML conversion are placed in the quarantine subdirectory of the DVA working directory (gwdva.dir).

  4. (Optional) As needed, increase or decrease the number of days that document files are held in quarantine.

    The default is 7 days.

  5. (Optional) As needed, increase or decrease the amount of disk space that the quarantine is allowed to consume.

    The default is 100 MB. Quarantined document files that exceed the maximum time limit are removed even if the maximum quarantine size has not been exceeded.

  6. (Conditional) When you are finished examining the quarantined document files, set the maximum quarantine size to 0 (zero).

    This disables the quarantine and deletes all the quarantined document files.

    IMPORTANT:Quarantined document files are not encrypted, so you should disable the quarantine as soon as you are finished examining the quarantined files.

  7. Save the gwdva.dva file.

  8. Continue with Putting DVA Configuration Changes into Effect.

NOTE:If files passed to the DVA from the POA for HTML conversion in preparation for indexing fail in HTML conversion by the DVA, they are placed in the post_office/oftemp/gwdca/problem directory, as if they had been processed by the DCA rather than the DVA. For more information about the DCA, see Section 39.2, Configuring the Document Converter Agent (DCA).