40.55 ‑‑loglevel

Controls the amount of information logged by the POA. Logged information is displayed in the log message box and written to the POA log file during the current agent session.

The default is Normal, which displays only the essential information suitable for a smoothly running POA. Use Verbose to display the essential information, plus additional information helpful for troubleshooting. Verbose logging does not degrade POA performance, but log files saved to disk consume more disk space when verbose logging is in use. Diagnostic logging turns on Extensive Logging Options and SOAP Logging Options on the POA Web console Log Settings page. See Section 37.3, Using POA Log Files.

Linux POA

Windows POA


‑‑loglevel level



‑‑loglevel verbose


See also ‑‑log, ‑‑logdiskoff, ‑‑logdays, and ‑‑logmax.