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gwdva - GroupWise Document Viewer Agent


gwdva [@gwdva.dva]


The Document Viewer Agent (DVA) converts documents from a wide variety of formats into HTML format for viewing in GroupWise WebAccess. You can run as many as three DVAs to service conversion requests for a single instance of the WebAccess Application. Each DVA must be installed on a different server.

NOTE:The DVA can also optionally be used for converting documents into HTML format, so that the Post Office Agent (POA) can index them. By default, the POA uses the Document Converter Agent (DCA) to convert documents into HTML format for indexing.

The DVA consists of a master DVA process, and multiple worker DVA processes. The master DVA process communicates with the WebAccess Application (and optionally with the POA) to transfer documents back and forth for conversion. Each worker process converts a single document. Because some documents contain unexpected data, they cannot be successfully converted. Such a conversion failure terminates a worker process, but does not affect the stability of the master DVA process.

You can provide DVA startup switches on the command line or in a startup file. By default, the startup file is gwdva.dva.


NOTE:The --show switch that is available for other GroupWise agents to provide a user interface is not available for the Linux DVA.

Usage Options:

--home directory

Specifies the path to the DVA working directory. The default location is /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwdva.dir. A more convenient, recommended location is /opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva.


Specifies a startup file to use, by default, gwdva.dva. You can add any of the DVA startup switches to the startup file and then reference the file when starting the DVA. For information about startup switches, see the GroupWise Administration Guide .

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Startup file where startup switches are specified.


Log file where error messages are written.


This program must run as root.


Starts the DVA using its default configuration.

/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwdva --home /opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva

Starts the DVA and specifies its working directory.

/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwdva @gwdva.dva

Starts the DVA by specifying its startup file.


The DVA creates a new log file each day and each time it is started. The log file is named mmdddva.nnn, where mm is the month, dd is the day, and nnn is a sequenced number (001 for the first log file of the day, 002 for the second, and so on). The default location for the log files is the /var/log/novell/groupwise/gwdva directory.

For information about DVA error messages, see Troubleshooting 1: Error Messages.


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