15.1 Migrating NetWare Servers to OES Linux

Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) includes complete instructions for migrating from the NetWare version or OES to the Linux version or OES. For instructions, see the documentation for the supported versions of OES Linux:

In particular, refer to the Migration Best Practices Guide.

IMPORTANT:After the migration from NetWare to OES Linux and before you update to GroupWise 2012, ensure that your GroupWise system functions correctly with the original version of the GroupWise software. Ensure that eDirectory user synchronization is functioning on Linux, as described in Section 15.4, Re-establishing eDirectory User Synchronization after Migration.

After you have migrated the NetWare servers where domains and post offices are located to OES Linux, you are ready to update your GroupWise system to GroupWise 2012. Skip to Section 16.0, Preparing Your GroupWise 8 System for the Update.