2.2 Planning a Clustered Software Distribution Directory

During creation of a GroupWise system on Linux, you are prompted to create a software distribution directory. You can create the software distribution directory on each node where you install the GroupWise software or you can create it on a GroupWise partition so that you install it only once but it is still always available.

IMPORTANT:You must create the software distribution directory in a location that is available to all nodes in the cluster if you want to take advantage of the Configure GroupWise for Clustering option of the Linux GroupWise Installation program. This option simplifies the process of installing the agent software to multiple nodes in the cluster. It eliminates the need to provide the same agent configuration information multiple times. The installation instructions in this section are based on using the Configure GroupWise for Clustering option of the Installation program.

For background information about software distribution directories, see Software Directory Management in System in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.


If you want to have your GroupWise software distribution directory as part of your cluster, under Item 6: GroupWise Partition for Software Distribution Directory, list the GroupWise partition and associated secondary IP address for the software distribution directory. List the full path for the software distribution directory, regardless of whether it is located on a GroupWise partition or on each node in the cluster.