49.6 Recovering Deleted GroupWise Accounts

If you have a reliable backup procedure in place, you can restore recently deleted GroupWise user and resource accounts. For more information, see Section 48.0, Backing Up GroupWise Databases.

  1. Make available a backup copy of a domain database (wpdomain.db) where the deleted GroupWise account still exists.

  2. In the GroupWise Admin console, click System > Recover Deleted Account.

  3. Browse to and select the backup copy of the domain database.

  4. Click Account to Recover, select the user or resource that you need to recover the account for, then click OK.

    At this point, you have restored the user’s or resource’s GroupWise account into the GroupWise system. However, this does not restore ownership of resources, nor does the account’s mailbox contain any item at this point.

  5. If the restored user owned resources, manually restore the ownership.

    For instructions, see Section 58.2, Changing a Resource’s Owner.

  6. Restore the contents of the account’s mailbox.

    For instructions, see Section 49.5, Restoring Deleted Mailbox Items.