49.2 Restoring a Post Office

Typically, damage to databases in a post office can be repaired using the database maintenance tools provided in the GroupWise Admin console or using GroupWise Check (GWCheck).

See the following sections for more information:

If damage to the post office was so severe that rebuilding databases is not possible:

  1. Stop the POA for the post office.

  2. Use the backup software for your platform, to restore the various databases into their proper locations in the post office folder.

    For a list of backup software, see Section 48.2, Backing Up a Post Office.

  3. Time-stamp the restored user databases so that old items are not automatically purged during nightly maintenance:

    1. In the GroupWise Admin console, browse to and click the name of the user, then click More > Restore,

    2. Click Yes.

  4. To update the restored post office database (wphost.db) with the most current information stored in the domain database, rebuild the post office database.

    For instructions, see Section 42.3, Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases.

  5. To update other restored databases such as user databases (userxxx.db) and message databases (msgnnn.db) with the most current information stored in other post offices, run Analyze/Fix Databases with Contents selected.

    For instructions, see Section 43.2, Analyzing and Fixing User/Resource and Message Databases.

  6. Restart the POA for the post office.