88.0 Native GroupWise Security

By default, GroupWise native encryption is employed throughout your GroupWise system. This means that all files related to GroupWise items are automatically encrypted when they are stored on disk. In addition, all connections between the GroupWise client and GroupWise agents use a proprietary, encrypted protocol.

By default, the GroupWise client runs in Online mode, so that all files related to mailboxes are stored on the GroupWise server where the POA for the post office runs. As an administrator, you can chose whether to allow users to set up their mailboxes to use Caching mode or Remote mode, where mailboxes are located on users’ workstations.

If you decide to allow users to use Caching mode or Remote mode, the mailbox files on users’ workstations are all protected by GroupWise native encryption.

The following sections help you configure your GroupWise system for even tighter security:

See also Section XVIV, Security Policies.