7.3 International Character Considerations

GroupWise client users have complete flexibility in the characters they use in composing messages. Accented characters used by various European languages and double-byte characters used by various Asian and Middle Eastern languages are all acceptable in the GroupWise client and can even be combined in the same message text.

As an administrator, you must take the following limitations into account:

  • Double-byte Asian and Middle Eastern characters should not be used in directory names and file names within your GroupWise system. This limitation is based on operating system capabilities. You should also not use double-byte characters in passwords. You can use double-byte characters in GroupWise user names, domain names, post office names, and so on.

  • If you choose to use double-byte characters or extended characters such as accented characters in GroupWise user names or domain names, users must have Preferred E-mail IDs that contain only characters that are valid in the SMTP RFC. For instructions, see Section 53.8.3, Changing a User’s Internet Addressing Settings.