4.24 User Move Status

You can use the User Move Status tool to track progress as you move users from one post office to another. Using the User Move Status tool, you can:

  • List users that are currently being moved and filter the list by domain, post office, and object.

  • View the current status of the move for each object and see any errors that have occurred.

  • Immediately retry a move where some of the information on the user inventory list failed to arrive at the destination post office. By default, the POA retries automatically every 12 hours for seven days to move all the information included on the user inventory list.

  • Stop the POA from continuing its automatic retries.

  • Restart (from the beginning) a move that has stopped before successful completion.

  • Refresh the list to display current move status and clear completed moves from the list.

For more information, see Section 53.4.4, Monitoring User Move Status.