53.11 Unlocking GroupWise Accounts

A GroupWise user’s account is automatically disabled (locked) if you have enabled intruder detection, and if the user exceeds the number of unsuccessful login attempts that you have allowed. For more information, see Section 15.3.5, Configuring Intruder Detection.

When a user is locked out, access is automatically granted again after the incorrect login reset time interval has passed. If a user needs quicker access, you can unlock the GroupWise account in the GroupWise Admin console or in the POA console.

In the GroupWise Admin console:

  1. In the GroupWise Admin console, browse to and click the name of a user.

  2. Click the Accounts tab, then deselect Disable Logins.

  3. Click Save, then click Close to return to the main Admin console window.

In the POA console:

  1. Click Status.

  2. In the Statistics section, click Intruder Detection.

  3. Click the user name of the locked out user.

  4. Select Reset Lockout, then click Submit.

As soon as the POA receives the changed setting, the user can again log in.